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We aim to build a community of women for women who share the love of modest fashion! The choice to dress modestly is not defined by ethnicity or age, it a personal expression of loving one's self, being happy and feeling comfortable in your skin. And it can be unique, creative, elegant, bold, dazzling, artistic and much more!
As a brand, we want to embody the values that will guide our business including care, support, engage, fun, inspire and customer delight.

Our view on modest clothing

When referring to modest fashion, we can longer picture the classic staples that would belong in a traditional Muslim woman’s wardrobe, the characteristic combination of a black abaya and a headscarf. With the growing demand for modest fashion spread across the globe, designers and retailers need to innovate and bring fresh concepts to the forefront. Muslim designers and influencers are spearheading the modest style trends which has led to the transformation of the 'Abaya' embodying modern ideas and global cultural references.


"I discovered the world of modest fashion when I started to wear the Hijab. A new world filled with color, beauty and elegance that would allow me to dress modestly, welcome my love for dressing gracefully and express my personal style. I started Modest Me to share a bit of my world with women who are looking for comfort and beauty while staying true to themselves. I hope to make modest fashion more accessible and affordable to all women adopting a modest way of dressing." - Yaseen Farha, Founder & CEO, Modest Me


At Modest Me, we want to do our bit to help reduce the impact of plastic waste across the supply chain. We have decided to pack and deliver the clothes in non-woven garment bags that can be reused and recycled in several ways.
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