Modest dressing has been around for a long time but has only received affirmative public attention over the last decade due to its transformative nature. Previously serving a niche market, the modest fashion industry has acknowledged and responded to the rising popularity and needs of a modern Muslim woman. Within the last decade, the publicity surrounding modest fashion has gained momentum causing small scale and established brands to recognize the need for incorporating modest styles into their designs.


While Muslim women across the world continue to remain the main consumer market for modest fashion, one can feel the ripple effects sweeping to women from all walks of life. One can start to feel the prominence of modest dressing globally with even celebrities indulging in modest fashion in some shape or form.       

When referring to modest fashion, we can longer picture the classic staples that would belong in a traditional Muslim woman’s wardrobe, the characteristic combination of a neutral tone abaya and headscarf. With the growing demand for modest fashion spread across the globe, designers and retailers need to innovate and bring fresh concepts to the forefront. Muslim designers and influencers are spearheading the modest style trends which has led to the transformation of the Abaya, embodying modern ideas and global cultural references.       


The modern consumer demand has also seen an expansion of modest dressing styles to include a broad range of clothing displaying limitless concepts. The choice to dress modestly is not defined by ethnicity or age, it is a personal expression of loving one's self, being happy and feeling comfortable in your skin. And it can be unique, creative, elegant, bold, dazzling, artistic and much more!             

With modest fashion enjoying exposure on an international stage, I hope that the next decade will define the reach and significance of modest fashion and its associated community.                                                                                                  


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