My dressing style has always been evolving since the day I was born. Initially, it was what my mom used to dress me up in but eventually it was all about my personal choice. I was a bit of a rebel :). My teen years were defined by darker colors, mostly black and whatever the 90s threw at me. Very much unforgettable! My college years were about expressing a personalized and unique version of myself, experimentation and exploring my taste in fashion. One word. Crazy!

My sense of style matured drastically, once I entered my twenties, opting for classic colors and patterns, casual yet feminine looks. During this period, I was subconsciously preparing my mind to wear a Hijab sometime in the future, a fact which I realized over the years.

Exercising the choice to wear the Hijab was a personal process, with no pressure from my family, I was at ease to make the choice when I felt ready for it. After years of contemplation and hesitation, I was finally ready for it. I felt no drastic change in my daily life as I was anticipating, receiving only compliments and encouragement from my family, friends and colleagues. As a new Hijabi, I have only experienced positive changes in my lifestyle.

However, I cannot deny my love for fashion and all things pretty. I was not too keen on wearing a traditional modest outfit for the rest of my Hijabi life. That is when I started exploring the alternatives and came across “Modest Fashion”. A new world of color, beauty and elegance that would allow me to dress modestly and at the same time welcome my love for dressing gracefully and expressing my personal style.

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